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070101.Database systems
070102.Operating systems
070103.Business software
07010301.Investment management software
07010302.Tax preparation software
07010303.Facilities management software
07010304.Inventory management software
07010305.Financial analysis software
07010306.Accounting software
07010307.Time accounting
07010308.Human resources software
07010309.Analytical or scientific software
07010310.Mathematical or forecasting software
07010311.Auction software
07010312.Procurement software
070104.Document creation software
07010401.Document management software
07010402.Electronic publishing software
07010403.Optical character reader (OCR) softw
07010404.Voice recognition software
07010405.Desktop publishing software
07010406.Presentation software
07010407.Word processing software
07010408.Scanner software
070105.Drawing@Imaging software
07010501.Computer aided design (CAD) software
07010502.Graphics software
07010503.Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) s
07010504.Charting software
07010505.Form making software
07010506.Mapping software
070106.SchedulingProductivity software
07010601.Project management software
07010602.Scheduling software
07010603.Contact management software
070107.Spreadsheet software
070108.Multimedia software
070109.Programming languages and tools
070110.Software utilities
07011001.Backup or recovery software
07011002.Bar coding software
07011003.File security or data security softw
07011004.Foreign language translation softwar
07011005.Print utility software
07011006.Storage media loading software
07011007.Virus protection software
07011008.General utility software
07011009.Compression utilities
07011010.System management software
07011011.Storage management software
070111.Networking software
07011101.Platform interconnectivity software
07011102.Optical jukebox server software
07011103.Operating system enhancement softwar
07011104.Network operating system software
07011105.Networking developers software
07011106.Network connectivity terminal emulat
07011107.Mainframe transaction processing sof
07011108.License management software
07011109.Gateway software
07011110.Compact disc (CD) server software
07011111.Administration software
07011112.Transaction server software
07011113.Switch or router software
07011114.Multiplexer software
07011115.Communications server software
07011116.Bridge software
070112.Communication Software
07011201.Desktop communications software
07011202.Interactive voice response software
07011203.Modem software
07011204.Remote access software
07011205.Video conferencing software
07011206.Exchange software
070113.Internet browsing software
070114.Miscellaneous software
07011401.Computer game software
07011402.Screen savers
07011403.Training software
07011404.Entertainment software
07011405.Family titles
07011406.Educational software
070115.Industry specific software
07011501.Point of sale (POS) software
07011502.Flight control software
07011503.Aviation ground support software
07011504.Aviation test software
07011505.Industrial control software
0702.Telephony equipment
070201.Exchange components (CODEC)
070202.Exchange data interface cards
070203.Exchange datacom modules
070204.Phone exchange interfaces or compone
070205.Exchange trunk interface or card com
070206.Premise branch exchange (PBX) system
070207.Telephone switching equipment
070208.Switchboard equipment
070209.Punch down blocks
070210.Analog or digital telephones
070211.Analog or digital cellular telephone
070212.Mobile telephones
070213.Cordless telephones
070214.Pay telephones
070215.Answering machines
070216.Telephone headsets
070217.Voice mail systems
070218.Call management system
070219.Cellular telephone accessories
070220.Telephone rests
070221.Mobile phone jammer
070222.Radiation shield
070223.Video door phones
070301.Aircraft antennas
070302.Automotive antennas
070303.Broadcast antennas
070304.Microwave antennas
070305.Television antennas
070306.Satellite antennas
070307.Radio antennas
070308.Radar antennas
070309.Communications antennas
0704.Telecommunications equipment
070401.Wireless base stations
070402.Telegraph equipment
070403.Teletype equipment
070404.Teleconferencing equipment
070405.Satellite communication equipment
070406.Pagers or beepers
070407.Intercommunications or paging system
070408.Public address equipment
070409.Electronic sound equipment
070410.Line conditioners
070411.Channel service unit
070412.Data service unit (CSU or DSU)
070501.Notebook computers
070502.Docking stations
070503.Workstations or desktop computers
070504.Personal digital assistants (PDAs) o
070505.Mainframe computers
070507.Port replicators
070509.Point of sale (POS) terminals
070510.Programmable logic controller (PLC)
070511.Used computer
07051301.Computer case
07051303.CPU Cooler
070514.Computer Scrap
0706.Memory@Central Processing Uunits (CP
070601.Cache memory modules
070602.Central processing unit (CPU) proces
070603.motherboards or daughterboards
070604.Memory modules
0707.Computer control and interface board
070701.Parallel to small computer system in
070702.Parallel to serial converters
070703.Serial infrared ports
070704.Video accelerator cards
070705.Graphic accelerator cards
070706.Network interface cards
070707.Audio cards
070708.Emulation adapters
070709.Serial port cards
070710.Parallel port cards
070711.Small computer system interface (SCS
070713.Programmable logic controller input
070714.Programmable logic controller counte
070715.Programmable logic controller commun
070716.Wireless network interface cards
0708.Audio and visual accessories
070801.Musical instrument digital interface
070802.Signal processor upgrades
070803.Video capture boards
070804.Television cards
070805.Radio cards
070806.Multimedia kits
070807.Computer speakers
0709.Video conferencing
0710.Input devices
071001.Graphics tablets or digitizers
071002.Joysticks or game pads
071003.Keyboards or keypads
071004.Computer mouse
071005.Remote user interfaces
071007.Touch pads
071009.Voice microphones for computers
071010.Punch card readers
071011.Light pen
071012.Stylus pen for mobile computers
071013.Mouse pad
071014.USB card readers
0711.Electronic data storage equipment
071101.Read only compact disc (CD) drives
071102.Compact disc (CD) jukeboxes or chang
071103.Combination floppy drives
071104.Disk arrays
071105.Floppy drives
071106.High capacity removable media drives
071107.Multi drive hard drive towers
071108.Recordable compact disc (CD) drives
071109.Reel to reel tape drives
071110.Single optical drives
071111.Tape arrays
071112.Tape drive auto loaders or libraries
071113.Hard drives
0712.Monitors and displays
071202.Flat panel displays
07120201.TFT LCD Monitor
07120202.LCD Panel
07120203.LED Display
071203.Touch screen monitors
071204.Monitor accessories
071302.Band printers
071303.Dot matrix printers
071304.Label printers
071305.Large format printers
071306.Line matrix printers
071307.Page printers
071308.Thermal tape printers
071309.Inkjet printers
071310.Laser printers
0714.Enclosures and frames and backplanes
071402.Network chassis
071403.Expansion slot expander
071405.Programmable logic controller rack o
0715.Network hardware and components and
071501.Hubs or concentrators
071503.Network bridges
071504.Media filters
071505.Wide area network (WAN) cards
071506.Multistation access units (MAUs)
071507.Data service units (DSUs)
071508.Network adapters
0716.Modems and related hardware
071601.Modems or network combo cards
071603.Integrated services digital network
071604.Modem banks
071605.Modem teleadaptors
0717.Network switches
071701.Local area network (LAN) switches
071702.Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) swi
071703.Fiber distributed data interface (FD
071704.Wide area network (WAN) switches
0718.Network repeaters
071801.Attached resource computer network (
071802.Ethernet repeaters
071803.Fiber distributed data interface (FD
071804.Token ring repeaters
0719.Radio systems
071905.Short wave equipment
0720.Automated data collection
072001.Bar code equipment
072002.Currency recognition equipment
072003.Magnetic card readers
0721.Computer switch boxes
072101.Serial switch boxes
072102.Keyboard video mouse (KVM) switch bo
072103.Manual printer switches
072104.Automatic printer switches
0722.Audio recording media
0723.Data storage media
072301.Floppy diskettes
072302.Recordable compact discs (CDs)
072303.Blank data tapes
072304.High density removable media blank d
072305.USB storage
0724.Multimedia storage
072401.Multimedia towers
072402.Multimedia drawers
072403.Compact disc (CD) cases
0725.UPS@Power supply