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Trade Leads

Rating: 2
Almost all business concerns face similar problems with procurement, sales and marketing. Common procurement issues faced include problems with sourcing prices, finding established and reliable suppliers, dearth of alternative suppliers, late deliveries etc. Sales remain the most contentious department in any organisation, with almost all companies at odds with how to increase sales and generate more revenue. Whilst marketing is a highly specialised field, it remains hit-and-miss in its targeting and effectiveness of messages.
Tradeleads provides a unique electronic platform to mitigate all of these worries through its various features and services and its extensive member network. With over 80,000 member businesses (each credit verified), Tradeleads allows all its registered members to buy, sell, market and network with each other on Each and every business gains immediate access to tens of thousands of new customers and clients to sell to, and is additionally able to source and buy from each of these companies in return. This thriving business hub furthermore allows companies to market and interact with all other members, and send targeted communiqus to organisations in specific industries or geographic locations. Tradeleads offers all these services at competitive rates that allow even the smallest of businesses to compete on equal footing with the most established of organisations. The speed and ease of the service belies its potency, and is indeed a distinctive offering in electronic trading.
Industry: Miscellaneous
Geography: Africa

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