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Rating: 3
Vorras provides businesses around the world with free Bulletin Boards, that are fast, easy to use, and reliable. Business owners can post their offers and requests on various topics, including trade, investments, services, and more.
We also provide traders with valuable information for their selling & buying activities worldwide in the form of trade leads. Our trade leads are divided into categories depending on the products or services exchanged. Traders can exchange goods and services and initiate new business relationships, helping them expand their businesses locally and internationally. Furthermore, by using the power of the Internet, we can effectively gather and distribute information from buyers and sellers 24 hours and day, 365 days a year. Our website allows users to access and post trade leads from anywhere in the world. All our forums and trade leads are fully searchable and customizable. Users can select to receive email notifications when someone replies to their postings, eliminating the need for continuously monitoring the web site. If you wish to contact us please call us or send us mail at the address below. Alternarively you can send us email here.
Industry: Miscellaneous
Geography: Global

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