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CE Marking

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This website is the property of Wellkang? Group, Stockholm-based international business-to-business (B2B) trade and EU regulatory consulting firm. Wellkang is proud to present at this website with comprehensive and multi-lingual guides to CE Marking in five languages, ie. Chinese, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
CE Marking (CE-Marking), is also called sometimes "CE Mark", as shown on the top of this page, is a mandatory mark for many (estimatively around 70%) of the products sold on the EFTA plus European Union (EU) market (total 28 countries) and it is often referred as the "Trade Passport to Europe" for non-EU products. EU legislations, e.g. EU directive concerning Liability for Defective Products, make EU importers liable for the products they import, including the machinery they provide to their employees for work. Many non-EU exporters are finding that no matter how interested a prospective EU importer may be in the product, the importer will NOT risk importing non-conforming products (i.e. the products without CE Marking) which, in case of accident, may generate legal action against them. The liability claims in a law suit can be as high as 70 millions EUROs. CE Marking may be achieved through several modules. One of the most practical ways, which is preferred by many EU importers who are neither specialized in the complicated CE Marking process nor willing to take risk, is that the manufacturer designates an Authorized Representative in the EU member states who will take care of the CE Marking issue therefore the importers and/or distributors can focus on the marketing and sales of the products. The manufacturer may need only ONE Authorized Representative in EU whereas may have many importers and/or distributors.
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