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Australian Export Online

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Developed by Newsta Pty. Ltd., Export61 is a new national export initiative aiming for global promotion of Australian products and services by providing Australian exporters with access to international markets through e-commerce and the Internet.
Export61 offers cutting-costs e-solutions to develop or expand export markets for the Australian business community and provides overseas buyers with all information necessary to make a buying decision and commence trade from initial sourcing of products, suppliers, service providers and/or export related resources to the on-line negotiations, exchange of documentation, arranging supply chain and shipment, and closing the deal. Created as a central portal, Export61 contains searchable self-managed databases of Australian exporters, products and services and addresses most critical areas of export operations, such as: Relevant Assistance & Direction Supply Chain/Logistics/Shipping Administration/Documentation/Procedures Terms of Trade and International Payments Market Intelligence Cultural Diversity Training & Education, and much more top Our Mission To facilitate Australian export by providing effective low-cost marketing tools and innovative e-business solutions To promote Australia as the premium destination for investment and trade To encourage the Australian export community to integrate e-commerce into its day-to-day business operations To provide rural Australian SMEs with an equal opportunity for going global To become a valuable mechanism for Australian start-ups by providing export assistance, training and education as well as a comprehensive range of essential export related information Sounds like a clich? Well, maybe. Too ambitious? Maybe. But that's what we stand for and that's what we hope to At Export61 you'll find exactly what you are looking for What usually happens when you are searching for a particular product through the Internet? You are presented with a list of 200 (300, 400) links. You could laboriously click on every one of these links, hoping to come across the 1998 Riesling you are looking for - but how much of your valuable time will you spend before you find it? Our business concept is based on product as a key subject for search. You are presented with the exact products you are interested in and you may then select suppliers that you want to deal with. Export61 provides all information necessary to make a buying decision The majority of International Trade web sites provide limited information often insufficient to estimate costs and make an informed decision. Export61 enables you to calculate the value of goods and communicate directly with service providers to estimate shipping costs and all additional expenses to complete the deal. Export61 is an essential tool for market investigation In addition to searchable databases of Australian products, suppliers and export services, Export61 provides a comprehensive range of export related information. You can find out about Australian export requirements, export and quarantine legislation, view Australian trade statistics, read latest articles and reports about Australian exports, and much more. Export61 provides direct links to Australian Federal and State Governments, trade and industry associations, chambers of commerce in Australia, etc. Export61 covers the entire product range As a rule, online business directories force you to view the entire list of dairy products even if you are specifically trying to locate unsalted packed butter. At Export61, the Product Search is designed in accordance with Australian Harmonized Export Commodity Classification (AHECC). You may "dig" as deep as you like - if you are searching for "Coffin Bay" Pacific Oyster, Half Shell, Fresh you'll find it. However, you can stop "digging" at any stage and view the entire range of oysters, or all seafood products or even all products displayed at Export61. Export61 allows for dealing with small quantities You may believe that certain products could be suitable for your market, but are reluctant to risk buying FCL quantity. You would prefer to have a test run with a small quantity and make a decision upon the sales result. With Export61 you may select small quantities (declared by the Supplier as a Minimum Order) of several products from various suppliers and minimise your risks. Export61 is constantly improvingWe are constantly seeking new avenues for improvement. Every visit to Export61 will reveal innovative and useful developments to our Only Australian companies are entitled to subscribe to Export61. While we intend to provide similar services to foreign firms in the future, Export61 is currently a national export portal and our main priority is the facilitation of Australian trade. Within the Australian business community there is no limit. Literally, every company interested in exporting or in providing services to international traders or in the integration of new technologies overseas will benefit from using our tools. If you are: An established or new exporter of goods and services A grower or manufacturer A freight forwarder or customs broker A property developer or ICT company An engineer or architect A translator or business consultant, and so on, you are very much welcomed at Export61. Join us today and become a part of a new force in Australia's exports. top What Will You Get Export61 Management System Market Intelligence Add & edit company information Add & edit product information Select & change listing categories Post an announcement Markets overview & contacts, customs/import requirements, trade statistics, potential partners/distributors My Web Site Manager Business Credit Reports Build and manage your own web site. Guide to SE optimisation. Tips for building your web site Reports are available on a pay-as-you-go basis at competitive rates. Sample Pricing Export Assistance Statistical Report Federal and States' Government's export programs & grants, online export tools, export legislation, business credit reports and independent EMDG consultants. View an example Quarterly Statistical Reports, which contain web traffic details of Export 61 and of your section at Export61. Ask the Expert Trade Board Members of our Board of Experts are sharing their knowledge and experience in different areas of International Trade. View an example Product, service and general inquiries received by Export61 in the last 14 days from our overseas visitors. Guidelines and Tutorials Warnings Export essentials covering all aspects of International trade and written as practical advice. International payments and export credit insurance West African Scams General Schemes, Scams, Frauds top
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