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enterprise estonia

Rating: 2
Enterprise Estonia is one of the largest institutions within the national support system for entrepreneurship in Estonia, providing financing products, advice, partnership opportunities and training for entrepreneurs, research and development institutions and the public and third sectors.
Enterprise Estonia actively operates in the following areas: the enhancement of the competitiveness of Estonian enterprises in foreign markets, the inclusion of foreign direct investments, the development of tourism exports and indigenous tourism, the elaboration of technological and innovative products and services, the development of Estonian enterprises and the entrepreneurial environment and the enhancement of general entrepreneurial awareness. Enterprise Estonia is one of the institutions responsible for the implementation of EU structural funds in Estonia, as well as being the primary provider of support and development programmes targeted towards entrepreneurs. Enterprise Estonia was founded in 2000 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs with the aim of promoting the competitiveness of the Estonian entrepreneurial environment and Estonian businesses, thereby increasing prosperity.
Industry: Miscellaneous
Geography: Global

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