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Mena business - for the Middle East and North Africa

Rating: 3
Welcome to MenaBusiness, the premier provider of news, information, services, e-commerce and other features across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.
MenaBusiness was established with the principal objectives to help stimulate the level and efficiency of business activity in the MENA region. Ideally suited to the fast pace of the new economy, MenaBusiness will offer its users a comprehensive range of features, including: One-stop source of business news and information Extensive company database connecting buyers, sellers and intermediaries, within the MENA region and globally New and cost-effective sales leads Targeted cost-effective medium for B2B advertising Online e-commerce stores and web-catalogues Regional recruitment and career services Loyalty-inducing community features (events, discussions etc) Online exchange linking investment capital with business opportunities and entrepreneurs The MenaBusiness user-friendly web-based solution provides companies and business professionals with interests in the MENA region with a host of benefits including: Online 24/7 access, anytime, anywhere Comprehensive source of MENA-focused business news and information Enhanced access to new customers, suppliers and advisors Pan-regional and global reach Higher revenues and profitability Reduced sales and marketing costs Increased productivity from reduced research time and streamlined communications Target audience of influential decision makers
Industry: Miscellaneous
Geography: Africa

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