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China Apparel

Rating: 3
EFU is the biggest professional business-service website of rag trade at present. Gathered with ICP, IPP and ASP, we offer from fabric to patterns and slopworks for corporations of textiles, clothes shoes hats bags leathers and decoration. We supply business information to e-commerce flat applications for them as well. We also provide domain name enrollment, mainframe roomage, website making and other basal service for website construction and the pluralistic B2B International Business System for corporation management, customer service, customer information management, product selling and on-line vendition based on internet. We offer knight service with high efficiency for lots of garment corporations and are prestigious in the clothing industry. It is called that we are the navigation marker for competition in the clothing industry at home and abroad under the market economy condition. Pay attention to China Garment Network, and you will find a new continent! Pay attention to China Garment Network, and you will be the pioneer of a new world! Our staffs of EFU are now waiting for you! Your league will lead you and I to stride forward into a new century!
Industry: Textile
Geography: Global

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