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World Chinese Business Network

Rating: 3
The World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention was first conceptualised and organised by the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry to provide a forum for overseas Chinese entrepreneurs to enhance economic co-operation and promote better understanding among overseas Chinese entrepreneurs and business communities worldwide. Being apolitical in nature, its mission is to focus on economic and cultural issues pertaining to Chinese entrepreneurship.
At the inaugural 3-day Convention held on August 10-12 1991 in Singapore, some 800 delegates from 75 cities in 30 countries gathered to discuss economic and socio-cultural issues relating to Chinese entrepreneurship. The immediate success of this first-ever gathering led to a unanimous decision to hold the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention once in every two years. The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong and the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce were therefore appointed to be the hosts of the 2nd and 3rd Conventions to be held in Hong Kong and Bangkok. The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong hosted the second World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, on November 22-24 1993. Attracting nearly a thousand ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs from Hong Kong and overseas, the second Convention was held to examine the latest trends in the world's economic development and the role being played by Chinese entrepreneurs within the fast-changing economic milieu. It also aimed at fostering economic and cultural cooperation and exchanges among Chinese entrepreneurs.
Industry: Miscellaneous
Geography: Global

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