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Rating: 3
B2B Marketplace for Chinas exporters and manufacturers
Expediting the export trade systems in China,, established in 1999, is an Internet trade portal to create a B2B marketplace linking China's exporters and manufacturers directly to buyers around the world. Benefiting from our global perspective and local expertise, our aim is to set up the leading international trade portal in China, revolutionizing trade practices and enabling China to position as a leading force in the global market place. In realizing this vision, we are using the latest technology, creating strategic partnerships and building a talented team of professionals to bring a range of valuable and innovative e-business solutions for our users and customer. Our mission is to follow in the footsteps of the great traders of the Silk Road, bringing the spirit and vision of the Silk Road into the digital world and the 21st century with our pioneering Internet trade portal. Like the Silk Road of the past, the portal bridges the east and west, breaks cultural barriers, opens up new horizons and creates unlimited opportunities for trade and development.
Industry: Miscellaneous
Geography: Global

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