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Bizi point

Rating: 2
Bizipoint is the Member Services Center of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce. We are also an electroncis industry marketplace ( officially and exclusively endorsed by CECC. Bizipoint's headquarter is located in Hong Kong with offices in Beijing. Bizipoint offers various kinds of services to the members. In accordance with the particular needs of local enterprises, we act as an unique, industry specific e-commerce enabler and e-marketplace to assist enterprises to migrate their brick and mortar business onto the Internet. We offer a full suite of industry-focused e-commerce applications for electronics related companies at any point in the supply chains, providing the means to achieve online efficiencies with dynamic marketing pricing, developing into full supporting information, and payment and fulfillment services.
In Bizipoint, members with only a nominal annual fee, can upload their product catalogs in the database of e-marketplace, giving them a new promotion channel and exposure to a diversified base of potential customers. They can also search through our product catalogs, daily trade leads postings to find what they need, in addition to their traditional channels. What's more, we also provide relevant industry news, trade related resources and information, and a range of ancillary services for our members to make sound business decisions. Our members can reap immediate benefits through working closely with our market intelligence team, traders and effectively utilization our technology platform. In order to cater to our industry members' needs, we strive to add/enhance useful features and functions to our site through our in-house developments and collaboration with leading partners in the related fields. We had established strong foothold in China and are keen on facilitating cross-border trade for our members. Bizipoint was founded in 1999 by our ex-CEO, ex-COO, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, venture capitalists, and a number of individual investors. In March 2000, the company completed its first round of funding, whereby a Hong Kong listed company, Omnitech Group Ltd (formerly known as O2New Technology Ltd, HKSE: 0094) acquired a 40% stake in Bizipoint.
Industry: Miscellaneous
Geography: Asia

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